What is ILAING?

Ilokano Language Acquisition and Immersion for the New Generation is an integrated Ilokano program consisting of two components:

1. Ilokano language learning

2. Ilokano language and culture exposure and immersion

The first component consists lessons focused on the specified key results areas in Ilokano language learning as a heritage and a second language.  The direction of the program is towards Level One proficiency in Ilokano Oral Communication.

This component has been designed by Aurelio Solver Agcaoili, PhD.  Dr. Agcaoili is the current coordinator of the University of Hawai’i at Manoa’s Ilokano Language, Literature, and Culture Program. He is also an Ilokano lexicographer, scholar, poet, novelist, essayist, editor and creative writer.  Dr. Agcaoili heads the instructional faculty for the iLaing program.

The second component of the program consists of cultural exchanges, conferences, and field programs in various venues and communities.


Ilokano is the most widely spoken Philippine language in Hawai'i and second with language access needs in the state.

Who is ILAING for?

Laing is for those who do not have a working knowledge of the Ilokano language, those who are heritage learners who do not speak Ilokano natively, and those who are foreign to this language but wish to use it for a variety of reasons such as self empowerment, community development work, or cross-cultural understanding.


Our Instructors
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