What is Pakasaritaan?

Pakasaritaan is an Ilokano word that holds within its meaning the telling of stories, myths, legends, histories and traditions. We have borrowed this term from Manong Julius Bajet Soria’s dissertation PAKA(SARITA)AN: ON ILOKANO LANGUAGE, IDENTITY, AND HERITAGE EDUCATION. LAING launched Pakasaritaan in 2021 as a way of meeting our goals to reach outside our Filipino communities and into our surrounding pacific communities. Here we feature workshops, series, cohorts and classes from various community members with special skills or stories to share (i.e weaving, net making, folk dance/song, cooking, language, navigation, beekeeping, stories from past labor movements in Hawai‘i, etc.); prioritizing sharing & documentation of unique stories, information and skills. If you have pakasaritaan you wish to share we ask you to submit a proposal to LAING for consideration. Our current projects for this program are below:
JUNE 24, JULY 08, JULY 22, 2023
Saturday, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Kadaanan nga Agas: Reconnecting with Our Ancestral Medicine through Family Remedies and Food Dishes

This series of classes are intended for diasporic Filipinx in Hawaiʻi to reconnect with traditional plant medicine and beliefs as a means of decolonization; to build relationships with the land, plantcestors, Spirit and amongst each other. Students will learn how to make medicines from local plants including those grown in the Acopan Garden.


Nicki Garces (she/they/isuna), Magtatawas practitioner and founder of Nanang Michaela Wisdom Blends


Nicki Garces is a daughter of Ilokano immigrants who worked in the plantation fields of Kauaʻi and hotels in Waikiki. She was born and raised in Kalihi on the island of Oʻahu. At an early age, her mother was her first teacher in Filipinx plant medicine followed by close family friends and neighbors. The pandemic allowed her to take herbalism classes from Hood Herbalism, Ancestral Apothecary, and the Ninunong Gamot Filipino Ancestral Medicine course by Angela Angel. Nicki is also a magtatawas practitioner under Hilot Academy of Binabaylan (based in Bulacan, Philippines) and a Karuna® Reiki Master. Her side business, Nanang Michaela Wisdom Blends, was created after community made numerous requests to her to teach Filipinx plant medicine and sell her products. A trained archivist, she is the information management officer and Violet & Vivian Fund coordinator at Consuelo Foundation and a caregiver to her mother.

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